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PMC Financial Services Group provides financial solutions for HIGH GROWTH and turnaround companies.

PMCFSG provides equipment term loans and leases, lines of credit, accounts receivable and inventory financing, and stretch/mezzanine loans, be it stand alone or in combination. Our years of industry expertise include food manufacturing, plastics, machine shops, construction, oil field services, service businesses, entertainment, manufacturing, aerospace, high tech and more. PMC Financial Services Group employs a collaborative approach to create custom-tailored financial solutions focused on meeting the specific needs of each individual client. PMCFSG is a nationwide U.S. direct lender and lessor, with services expanding into some areas of Canada.

Transactions starting at $500,000 to $20,000,000

When conventional financing casts a dark cloud, PMC Financial Services Group is your silver lining!

PMCFSG is the nation’s first and leading finance lender that solves unique solutions for companies.


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